The President is Dead!

[The President Is Dead!] explains it all, and then some. . . . Historian Louis L. Picone chronicles the particulars of how each of our presidents met his maker, from Washington through Gerald Ford, the most recent to go.

The New York Post

With the confrontational presidential election now history, a New Jersey author says it’s important to preserve the history relating to the nation’s leaders. The author, Louis Picone, does so with his latest history book, The President Is Dead! The Extraordinary Stories of the Presidential Deaths, Final Days, Burials.

.The Roxbury Register

Where the Presidents Were Born

Louis Picone spent the last seven years visiting the birthplaces of every U.S. President. Now he has written a book about his passion. "Where the Presidents Were Born: The History and Preservation of the Presidential Birthplaces," describes in extensive detail everything anyone might want to know about presidential birthplaces.

The New York  Daily News


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