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Millard Fillmore birthplace - Sumerhill, NY -

I visited with my Dad on April 24, 2010

Millard Fillmore birthplace in Locke (now Summerhill), New York.  
Original footprint of Fillmore's Log Cabin birthplace
Birthplace replica: "In 1965 the Millard Fillmore Memorial Association XE "Millard Fillmore Memorial Association" (formed two years earlier) honored the town’s most famous son by building a replica of the birthplace cabin. They strived to construct the replica as authentically as possible by using native materials from a similar cabin from the same era. What was not authentic was the location. The home was built in Fillmore Glen State Park , about five miles from the original birth site."
Where the Presidents Were Born, 
Millard Fillmore home outsode of Buffalo, NY. This may have been the bed he died in 

Millard Fillmore death sites - Buffalo, NY

location where he died at 107 Delaware Avenue. The home has since been destroyed & is now the site of the Statler Hotel
St. Paul’s Cathedral where Millard Fillmore's funeral was held. Perhaps in a symbolic move, the site of the church on Shelton Square had been the location of the last of Buffalo’s burlesque houses, “The Palace.”
Millard Fillmore's grave in Forest Lawn Cemetery.  
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